In order to help the families of the Virginia, Maryland, and DC area, who are in economic hardship, Kimmy Duong Foundation will provide the following aid:

The amount of aid for each family: $500 or $1,000

The following conditions apply:

  1. Heads of household with income under 150% of the federal poverty line, who are experiencing economic hardship (see table below)
  2. Residing and working in the Virginia, Maryland and DC area.
  3. Maximum 20 grants per month. 
  4. Limit one grant per family per year.

Application Process:

  1. Apply online at KDF website from the 16th of the month to 15th of next month
  2. Provide a letter explaining the hardship and the requested grant amount
  3. Provide the Tax return (form 1040) from last year to show income is under 150% of the poverty line
  4. Provide proof of economic hardship due to loss of income source, medical, natural disaster – this could be letter of dismissal, medical bills, other bills
  5. Provide an affidavit attesting the true facts of the application
  6. Two reference letters from persons/organizations who can attest for the applicant

The Federal Poverty Guidelines Table

Persons In Family/Household Poverty Guideline 150% of Poverty Guideline
1 $12,880.00 $19,320.00
2 $17,420.00 $26,130.00
3 $21,960.00 $32,940.00
4 $26,500.00 $39,750.00
5 $31,040.00 $46,560.00
6 $35,580.00 $53,370.00
7 $40,120.00 $60,180.00
8 $44,660.00 $66,990.00
For familes/households with more than 8 perons, add $6,810.00 for each additional person


Application Period.

KDF Hardship Grant program operates throughout the year
KDF Hardship Grant program offers rolling application period where applications are accepted before the15th day of a calendar month.
KDF will notify approved applicants by email / phone. Approved grants are provided by the last day of the month in which the application was reviewed.

Via web site :

For more information, please contact via website

To apply below, please provide your name, address, email, and phone number, a letter explaining why you require assistance, 2 letters of recommendation, tax return show income below the proverty line, and filled Affidavit of Hardship form (All fields are required*)

Affidavit of Hardship Form (PDF format) can be downloaded by click on this link