Graduation Date: May 2021

Hometown: Sunnyside, NY

Primary Major: Computer Engineering

Why I decided to enroll at the University of Maryland: The University of Maryland's reputation and the opportunities the honors programs presented me was too much to pass up. I wanted the next four years of my life to present me a challenge while giving me room to grow, and Maryland offers just that with its rigorous engineering program and wide variety of collegiate activities.

Why I chose engineering: My major was not a particularly hard choice, math and science have been my interests since childhood and engineering is a natural combination ofthe two. Computers especially interest me because they have completely revolutionized both daily life and industry in a short amount of time. It shows the power engineers have to change the world with technology, for better or for worse.

Activities I do outside of class: Outside of class, I typically tutor other students for their math or science classes. I also help fundraise for school activities and trips. Otherwise, I can be found at the library reading, playing chess, or socializing with friends.

Honors and awards I have received at Maryland: As a freshman, I do not have many awards under my belt yet, but I can at least count among them acceptance into the Honors College and the Dean's scholarship.

After graduation, I plan to: I plan to work at a company for a few years while working on a business on the side. If the business proves successful, I might decide to focus on it full time, but that remains to be seen. I also plan on taking time to travel the world and gain some experience.

Thank you for the support of your scholarship: I have many hopes and aspirations for the future, but none of it would be possible without the college education that support like this makes possible. Thank you for the generous support of this scholarship. It is a pleasant and welcome surprise which makes the financial burdens of college much more tolerable, and lets me know I am not going through it alone. It truly is awards like these that make the dream of quality college education a reality. Thank you again for your generosity.



Dear Mrs. Duong and Dr. Nguyen ,

I am writing to express my gratitude for receiving the Long Nguyen and Kimmy Duong Endowed Scholarship in Engineering and the Long Nguyen and Kimmy Duong Current Use Scholarship in Engineering. Thank you for your generous endowment. I am truly grateful and honored to be this year 's award recipient.

I am a freshman computer engineering student in the A. James Clark School of Engineering also enrolled in the Gemstone Honors Program at the University of Maryland. Engineering, science, and mathematics have been my passion for as  long as I can remember. It was in computer engineering that I saw the most opportunity to combine these interests. I participated in many mathematics and programming competitions during high school, a few of which were sponsored by the University of Maryland. I also worked a part time job and saved money to fund my own education, to decrease the financial burden on my parents. I plan on paying my way through college without the assistance of loans if I can help it. I am looking forward to joining Math Club and the Cyber Security Club, and interacting with the wider college community.

Thank you again for your generous contribution. This scholarship is a huge boon, and greatly alleviates my financial burden. I look forward to thanking you in person at the Kimmy Foundation's  special reception.


Adil Shoja