In order to help patients experiencing a health crisis, Kimmy Duong Foundation will provide the following aid:

The amount of aid for each patient or family up to $500

The following conditions apply:

  1. Patient or family receiving treatment at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Health System who need financial assistance with medical and pharmacy bills. Patient or family must meet financial aid criteria of VCU Health System. 
  2. Residing and working in the Virginia, Maryland and DC area. 
  3. A maximum of 10 grants per month will be awarded. 
  4. Limit one grant per family per year.

Application Process:

  1. Apply online at KDF website
  2. Provide a letter explaining the hardship and the requested grant amount
  3. Provide an affidavit attesting the true facts of the application
  4. Virginia Commonwealth University Health will provide a letter attesting for the applicant


  1. KDF Health/Pharmacy Grant program operates throughout the year.
  2. Check will be mailed directly to Virginia Commonwealth University Health to be applied to outstanding medical/pharmacy bills
  3. KDF will notify approved applicants by email / phone. Approved grants are provided by the last day of the month in which the application was reviewed.
  4. For more information, please Contact Us