In order to help the families of Vietnamese Refugees, who are in economic hardship, Kimmy Duong Foundation will provide the following aid:

The amount of aid for each person is $1,000

The following conditions apply: Vietnamese refugee who recently accepted to US or Canada during 2022.

Application Process:

1- Apply online at KDF website
2- Provide a letter explaining the hardship
3- Provide proof of refugee status
4- Two reference letters from persons/organizations who can attest for the applicant

Application Period.

KDF Vietnamese Refugee program operates throughout the year
KDF will notify approved applicants by email / phone.

For more information, please contact via website

To apply below, please provide your name, address, email, and phone number, a letter explaining why you require assistance, 2 letters of recommendation, and filled Affidavit of Refugee form (All fields are required*)

Affidavit of refugee Form (PDF format) can be downloaded by click on this link