To qualify for The Long Nguyen and Kimmy Duong Undergraduate Scholarship Program in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland, applicants must be US citizens or US Permanent Resident and must enroll in the University of Maryland, George Mason University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, University of Virginia, Northern Virginia Community College, Montgomery College, Virginia Commonwealth University and University of the District of Columbia. 

Scholarship recipients receive both a financial award and an opportunity to engage in job training with working professionals in their field of study.  To accomplish the latter, each recipient should attend quarterly meetings with a professional mentor in the Washington DC area.

To accept the scholarships, applicants must be present at the award ceremony and also attend our semi-annual mandatory meetings.

Additional qualifications are:

  1. Vietnamese heritage (for Vietnamese American student applications)
  2. Age 17-30
  3. Outstanding academic achievement (for example, GPA of 3.0 or above)
  4. Strong leadership potential
  5. Demonstrated active service to the Vietnamese, and/or American communities
  6. Strong knowledge of your heritage (Vietnamese, American, and Others)
  7. Strong desire to support for a better world
  8. Passion to protect the values of freedom, democracy, and human rights world-wide
  9. In need of financial aid

Additional Requirements for Vietnamese students from Vietnam

  1. Provide current family financial situation
  2. Students may NOT be from a Vietnamese Government Official family and/or NOT from a Vietnamese Communist Party family

Special consideration will be given to students with unique situations, for example

  • low to moderate incomes
  • single parents returning to school to improve their families' lives, or
  • students who are trying to recover from a past criminal record and improve their own lives.