Graduation Date:  May 2023

Hometown: Bethesda, MD

Major:  Finance

Why I decided to enroll at the University of Maryland:  I enrolled at the University of Maryland because it offered me the best education for the best value. I was impressed by the programs it offered such as Honors, QUEST, and the Plus 1 master's degree program. I was happy to stay close to home and be near D.C. for potential internship opportunities.

Why I chose business:  I chose business partially because of the rigor of the Robert H. Smith School of Business and partially because of the stability associated with business majors. I thought about my skills and competencies and decided finance would be a good fit for me as someone who is analytical and enjoys understanding the economic implications of people's actions on a large scale.

Activities I do outside of class:  Outside of class, I am in a few business-related clubs which bring in professionals to teach us about the real-world applications of what we're learning in the Smith School (Collegiate Financial Society, International Economics and Finance Society, etc.). I'm the treasurer for our First Year Class Council, and I'm looking forward to applying for a Smith Undergraduate Student Association committee position. I pick up shifts at my waitressing job whenever I go home for a weekend, and I work for Student Entertainment Events here on campus.

Honors and awards I have received at Maryland:  I am in University Honors, and I will complete my citation within the next few semesters. Besides that, this scholarship is the only honor or award I have received as of yet here.

After graduation, I plan to:  I plan on finishing most of my undergraduate credits by the end of my junior year so that I can apply for the Plus 1 program offered at the Smith School. I would take a few undergraduate-level classes my senior year but mostly graduate-level classes in order to get both my bachelor's and master's degrees in five years. After that, I will see what kind of undergraduate internship connections I can return to or use to help me find a job. I'm hoping to eventually work my way up in a consulting firm that will eventually help me pay for an MBA.


Dear Ms . Duong, Dr. Nguyen and Mr. Nguyen ,

I am writing to thank you for awarding me the Long Nguyen and Kimmy Duong Scholarship. I am a freshman at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, and your donation is instrumental to my success as a student and as a professional. I am honored to have been nominated to receive this generous award from people who value education so highly . M s. Duong, you are an inspiration to me as a woman and as an immigrant.

I was raised by immigrant parents , so I have always been acutely aware of the opportunities they have given me by ensuring I have a good education . I aim to build a career that will give me stability and the power to give back to the people who have contributed to my growth. I have worked towards this goal by pushing myself academically, immersing myself in a professional environment early on, and fostering relationships with people who I identify with .

I am currently an Honors student studying finance, and I am looking for opportunities to learn about consulting in a socially responsible way, such as applying for the QUEST program or possibly pursuing a non -profit leadership minor. I've joined or applied for clubs that introduce me to people I can identify with , such as the Association of Latino Professionals for America , the Women's Empowerment Institute , and the International Economics and Finance Society . Groups like these help me learn about career growth from professionals in my field. My long-term academic goal is to apply for the 5-year combined bachelor and master 's program; This will require me to take classes during breaks and take challenging courses early on, but I am committed to working to make the most out of m y time here at the University of Mary land.

I am beyond grateful for the educational opportunity you have given me . By supporting me as a student, you are contributing to my growth as a person. Thank you.

Sincerely ,

Angela Yepez