Graduation Date: May 2021

Hometown:   Frederick, MD

Primary Major:  International Business

Extracurricular Activities and Awards: Tutor at Frederick High School, Cross Country (Co­ Captain in H.S.), President of the Interact Club

Biography: Of the experiences which have shaped my life, the most profound would be my family's constant movement due to my father being an active-duty soldier in the U.S. Army. Going from place to place in my youth has allowed me to become very adaptable to my surroundings as I had to assert myself within different groups and cultures. That trend ending when we finally came to Maryland several years ago, that experience is what conditioned me to adapting and excelling in my school. When it came time to choose my major, I've had a desire to travel and see the world as well as build connections across the globe motivating me to study International  Business .

Thank you for the support of your scholarship: I cannot wholly express the gratitude that I have for your endorsement. Researching and understanding the basis of your foundation and the establishment of this scholarship; I take pride in that my hard work, dedication, and involvement had caught your notice as well as the trials and tribulations which demanded such rigor of me. Working toward reaching the Robert H. Smith School of Business and the University of Maryland have been my goal for a long time, and even entering as a commuter student is still success enough for me. However, receiving this scholarship has humbled me and I would like to thank you because it has made available a resource to assist in continuing my education and working toward my future. What this scholarship has meant for my family and I is that we can continue believing in this institution and the resources it has to support its students in need. I look forward to meeting in person, and I hope I can continue living up to the standard you all have deemed worthy of scholarship.