Student Name: Ashley Feng

Graduation Date: May 2021

Hometown: Burtonsville, MD

Primary Major: Finance

Other Things About Me:  I am an incoming freshman in the Smith School of Business. Though my only declared major is finance, I'm considering doubling with economics, and definitely hoping to minor in French. I'm very excited about the prospects the university has to offer from the extensive lists of clubs, diverse communities, and knowledgeable professors. Looking into  the future, I hope to further my education by pursuing graduate school.

Thank you for the support of your scholarship: Firstly, I'd like to thank you for your generous scholarship. I am very appreciative of being chosen for this award.

Neither of my parents attended college, but they both avidly encouraged me to do so. I've lived in Maryland my whole life and have been attending activities and events at the University of Maryland since childhood. I think I loved the green campus and its column-enforced brick buildings ever since I first saw it. The excitement of finally getting to attend the university as a student, to be a part ofthe community, has just barely struck.

The decision to pursue business was spontaneous, yet perfect. I've always enjoyed math and so I've chosen to pursue it through business - finance. Although I believe myself to have above level math skills, I am foreign to the stock market and the many concepts in economics. But I am VERY interested in them. I believe the Smith School of Business and the undergraduate business clubs will effectively teach me everything I'll want to know about the subjects.

I hope to study abroad sometime during college. To be able to learn about or conduct business in a francophone country would be the best of both worlds. I've been studying French for six years and putting it to practice is the best way to determine my proficiency. I plan to graduate in 2021 and hope to pursue a masters in finance.

I will be sure to stay focused and work hard throughout my college years. Again, thank you your investment in my education. This scholarship certainly plays a large role in lessening my financial burden, allow me to truly focus on academics and extracurricular activities. Thanks to you, I'm more excited for my future than ever.